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January 25, 2010

I am currently taking a class on the history of Ontario since 1791. The class has only been going a couple weeks so far, but from what I’ve seen I like it. We discussed in the first class how few people from Ontario view themselves as ontarian vs canadian, which is 10% to 90% respectively. The shaping of Ontario has been greatly influenced by the Loyalists who fled following during and following the American Revolution as well as the Late Loyalists who came for the prospect of cheap land.
One of the things that is required of the class, like most univeristy classes is an essay. I’ve been thinking of topics to write my essay on and I was thinking back to our first seminar. We were discussing an article by Donald MacDonald, who was the Ontario CCF and later NDP from 1953 – 1970. The professor said that he had been called the pest premier Ontario never had. I was interested in this, considering I had never even heard of him. Later on I learned that Ontario had a Labour government in 1919. I have yet to talk to the prof on what she thinks is best, so I shall post more in the future.

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