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future of ontario

May 1, 2010

I have been thinking about Ontario politics lately, especially in light of my ontario history course. I really had my eyes open to the history of Ontario, considering  only knew the names of the most recent premiers like Bob Rae, Mike Harris, and Dalton McGuinty. I had no idea about the tory dynasty that lasted  from 1943-1985, or about Sir Oliver Mowatt’s premiership in the 19th century.

I think another idea that really stood out to me was the idea of Ontario having a progressive conservative political culture. This means roughly that ONtario wanted someone to be a wise manager of the economy, but willing to adapt to social change. The rise in Ontario’s economy following the second world war, and the antics of Liberal Mitch Hepburn showed many people that the PCs were the right party to hold office.

The current space ontario occupies in Canada is very interesting. Ontario is no longer the richest province, or the great manufacturer it once was. The recession hit many parts of ontario very hard, such as windsor and the niagara region. Ontario and Quebec are also leading the way towards being the greenest provinces through legislation. If ontario focuses on being a green power it can bring back some manufactoring jobs, and be a firm part in the second green revolution.

It currently looks like the ontario liberal party is not very popular due to the implementation of the hst. One thing to remember though, is that Tim Hudak did not oppose it either, only the NDP has. Furthermore, there is a good chance that the NDP could do well in the next provincial election if things do not turn around. THe divisiveness of the liberals and pcs means that horwath and the ontario ndp could be on the verge of retaking ontario. If this happens it means that there wll be a number of provinces with NDP leaders, as Nova SCotia just was recently won by them. Perhaps a shift in federal leaders can inspire a boost in NDP support which can help them become the tipping point in parliament in order to get concessions, or if they are lucky form the opposition, which is pretty far off.

peace out & stay tuned.

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