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message to nick clegg

May 8, 2010

I as a Canadian have a message for Nick Clegg. Here in Canada we have a situation very similiar to what you could have, the tories form a minority government, and have since 2006. The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) is currently the opposition, with the New Democratic Party (NDP) being similiar in role to the Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. The CPC governs as if it hada  majority and attaches non-confidence motions to many pulls to cow the opposition into going along with their legislation.

My message for Nick Clegg is not to make any deal with cameron, and to fight hard for electoral reform from the labour party. The NDP too have a difference between the number of votes they get and the seats they end up with. If the tories end up forming the government it would be best to oppose it vigorously and vocally. The damage that the CPC has done to Canada is rather large, including creating a structural deficeit, and weakening the ability of the global community to come to a consensus on globaal climate change.

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