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starting work/ the city & the city

July 10, 2010

I start work on monday, sop dont expect many blog posts for the rest of the summer, as I will be working like 48 hours a week until like august 25th. I will try and write a blog post every sunday, but i will not give any promises. I can also continue posting music throughout the week, but I will not be doing it very often. Good news is I will be able to order my 66 canada jersey soon which is a big plus.

I read the first two chapters of china mieville’s the city & the city yesterday. I found it pretty interesting, especially the setting. It appears to be either a balkan country or perhaps a former soviet republic. The ambiguity allows the reader to fill in some blanks. One thing I thought about, though, was the way it mentions of the back of the book that the setting as “at the edge of Europe,” which means partially European, but partially something else, and in this gap is where mieville’s two cities seem to be.

could this be what Beszel looks like?

I have not reached any discussion of Ul Qomo yet, but I am interested in hearing more about it. I like Mieville’s style of writing, and I think I am going to give The Scar another chance, since I have heard from my friends that The Scar is his best novel.

Anyways, I will write a blog post tomarrow sometime, so look out for that.

peace out

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