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r\ndom thoughts

July 25, 2010

i know i said i would not postfor a while, but i figure i might as well post them here. i have been thinking about what it means to be alive, and to be happy. I read, but cannot remember where that a baby monkey would before a thing to cuddle it rather then feed it. I was watching this documentary about feral children and i couldnt believe someone could treat a person like that, let alone your own child.

I never really have been a christian. My parents never really made me go to church, and the way my mom was disillusioned with the politics involved made me weary of religion, and I guess that was for the better. I have been following a long debate on christianity on a forums, and I just cannot see how someone can look at the world and say it is a good place overall. look at the following two articles and tell me this a just world.

this kind of thing makes me really angry, but i dnot know if i am better off being concerned or just tuning out. i look at the way we are destorying our planet, and passing the buck when now it is almost too late to make a difference. canada is lucky, put the way we act is terrible, we are one of the top polutters when considered under a per capita consideration, yet we are fighting stanards for global warming. the people of the future are going to look bakc at us like monsters, just like we view medieval or roman people. The way we sell asbestos to poor countires is fucked. we dont allow it here, so why should we sell it aboard?

I feel fatigued by the world, and it looks like we are just repeating history again. this is just a fucked up eternal recurance. i took a reallt interesting class on friedrich nietzche. I also thought of him in a certain way, and the way this class was taught kind of got me thinking in the right direction again. I try to think about the future, but i dunno, it isnt looking good.
i see this picture, and this is what our world will be, all because of our own actions.

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  1. August 19, 2010 6:48 am

    Hey Lakeswimmer,

    First, thanks for putting a link to my site on your blog-roll = ) I’ve put a link to yours on mine, too.

    Beyond that, I was reading through some of your recent posts. Bro, there’s a lot of crap going on in this world, but you can’t take it personally or let it get to you, or it’ll wear you down. I feel pretty defeated by it sometimes, too. But, don’t forget there’s a lot of good stuff too – keep your chin up and have some fun. There’s resistance everywhere; there’s resistance even in relaxing, listening to some beats, being with people.

    If you set yourself against the status-quo you’re in for a long, ongoing fight. It’ll probably go on until you’re an ancient geezer, telling the young’uns what it’s all about. But, there’s a constant struggle anyway – whether you make it explicit or not. There’s no opting out; everyone who lives in this world is struggling against Capitalism – whether they know it or not. There’s a constant battle in our every action against being reduced to nothing – a cog.

    Of course, the point is to make this “potential” explicit. The point is to use this common tendency as the basis for organisation – the basis for coming together to form a body capable of explicitly articulating the insistent demand: “We demand agency”.

    Anyway, hope there’s some sense in this ramble. Peace

    • great lake swimmer permalink
      August 20, 2010 1:18 pm

      hey W, thanks for reading my blog and commenting. You are right that I cannot let it get me down. I think I should try to work towards something, instead of against.

      btw, have you read any good books lately? I don’t know what to get.

      • August 23, 2010 12:10 pm

        Hey Lake Swimmer,

        Thanks for your comment on my blog : )

        Books… hm! I’m not sure what to recommend!

        Two good books I’m reading at the moment:

        1) Raymond Williams, Marxism and Literature. This is a great book, especially for thosee studying literature, like me. However, if you’re not studying literature, you might do better to read something else. Williams is very influenced by Antonio Gramsci, and a great introduction to his work is Anne Showstack Sassoon’s Gramsci’s Politics. Gramsci is very important – maybe as important to contemporary marxism as Marx (though he was writing in the 1920s and ’30s).

        2) Cornelius Castoriadis, Castoriadis Reader, ed. David Ames Curtis. Castoriadis is another important “reviser” of Marx. He’s very good and (I think) very important. He was writing from the 1940s right through to the late 1980s. I think most of his best work was in the 50s and 60s though. He was one of the key founders of French radical group Socialisme ou Barbarie.

        Finally, I often go to visit these sites, where there are a lot of free texts:

        Situationist International Online:

        Ken Knabb (translator of many SI texts), @ BOP Secrets:

        Marxist Internet Archive:

        I hope you find something interesting amongst these!

        Take care, and keep in touch by all means =)


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