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prop 8 struck down

August 5, 2010

I i am going to bne honest. I am glad canada al;ready allows same sex marriage. it is fucked that it takes a court case to make it happen, and not that people voted for politicians that would support it. Every reason for why m,arriage is good also applies to all marriages, even same sex ones.

lately i haverying to think of the meaning of life, and how economics lays an important role in who we think we are. I am taking a class on hegel in sept, taught by a professor i like. I think that this class will give me a good point to start reading the early marx. I am only taking four courses as well, so one thing i thought i might do, is take a fake online course, basicly taking notes on david harvey’s lectures on marx’s capital. I have in the past watched the first lecture. but I thyink if i take the book out of the library or buy my own, I will be alot better off in my thinking.

when i read one of the books i got for my birthday it really made me think. I need to try to get more involved, and try to do something.


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