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A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962, Class schedule

August 28, 2010

I received today A Savage War of Peace: Algeria 1954-1962 by Alistair Horne. I so far have just read the introductions, as well as the first chapter, which outlined the French colonial history prior to the events of 1954. The author makes a reference to Iraq in the preface, so I am interested in reading the book while keeping this in mind, as well as the relation to Afghanistan. I am plan to read another chapter tomorrow, and maybe another on Sunday, and I intend to post an entry on each one here, trying to discuss some of the main themes of the chapter.

In an unrelated note, I decided to post the classes I am going to take this semester, as well as the next one. This fall I am taking Quebec in the 20th Century, Formal Logic, Hegel on the Modern State, and a class called Epistemic Value. As far as opening expectations, I took formal logic previously, and ended up dropping it, due to a misunderstanding I had of the material. The course I Quebec I hope will be very interesting, especially looking at things like the quiet revolution and the FLQ. I am looking forward to the Hegel couirse, as I greatly respect the professor teaching it, and I am interested in Marx. The epistemology course will be more hit or miss though. I am not entirely a fan of analytic philosophy, which is this prof’s style. I took a course with them before, but I think this one will be more interesting overall.

As for the winter semester I am taking Social History of Canada, Philosophy of Mind, Ancient Metaphysics, and Metaethics. I think these classes will all be very enlightening, especially the course on the social history of Canada. By looking at where we came from, we can attempt to see the trajectory we are on.

The last thing I am fairly sure on doing is getting out a copy of Capital by Karl Marx from the school library and taking David Harvey’s course, which can be found in my blog roll. I think this in combination with my class on Hegel will give me a lot to think about, and subsequently, post on this blog. I also want to try and bump up the quality of my posting as well, as possibly trying to redesign my blog, but I am no good at making banners or anything.

Peace out,

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