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500th view

September 15, 2010

I said I would post something about my classes today, and I have a nice chance now before I go see a show featuring some good bands including a local favourite will curry and the country french. It should be a pretty good show, and the other two bands should be pretty good.

My first class was logic. It is a class on formal or symbolic logic. should not be too bad of a class
My second was my class on hegel which i enjoyed. the prof has a german accent which is funny when he reads out stuff hegel said, which often still has german words which are not translated. I am looking forward to coming to this class.
My third class was a philosophy course on epistemic value,looking at analytic philosophy following the gettier problem. The good thing is this class has most of the books and articles for free, and the ones I had to buy weren;t that much.
My fourth class was Quebec in the 20th Century. It should be really interesting, and since 35% of the marks for the class is from seminar participation, like another history course I had i think I will do pretty good. I think it will be interesting to see how quebec developed differently from ontario after the world wars.

I also just recently got my 500th view, which isn;t much but a small milestone.


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