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Sharpening the Dialectic – How Postmodernism Didn’t Reject Marx (via Utopia or Bust)

September 20, 2010

This post has really interested me and I have to thank you many times for taking the time to write it up. That is something I sometimes struggle with. This post on postmodernism and marx has given me alot to think about. I for a long time have been interested in postmodern philosophy, but had never really learned very much about it. I had however read a cynical comment about post modernism is just the philosophy of the late stage of capitalism. I never really thought about that comment until after reading this. I realise that it means the opposite of what I thought. As I became more and more interested in Marx and marxism I never really thought to revist those thoughts until I read utopia or bust.

I the idea of sharpening the dialectic, is an idea I very much approve of. I finally think I am coming to understand what it means, and I am very interested in the idea of working with marx and the post modernists. In my course on Hegel I hope dialectics is discussed, but I know that Hegel is different from Marx.

I also wanted to touch on the way UoB uses the concepts of use value and exchange value to introduce the concept of sign value. I think this kind of update is important to address the way our society differs from Marx, and others in this vain since the introduction of the internet and rise of neoliberalism.

I am still learning about marxism, and different interpretations of him. However to truly appreciate the interplay post modern philosophers can have with Marx, I need to learn more about Marx, and his works. I am planning on learning about Capital through David Harvey’s lectures, and I will also be reading his critique of the philosophy of right, with combination with reading the hegel.

update: I will try and flesh this out somemore when if I can finish all the homeowrk I have planned.

Sharpening the Dialectic - How Postmodernism Didn't Reject Marx This is a summary for my blog friend at Great Lake Swimmer. The question was what has postmodernism done to change or re-arrange Marx’s theories? Some ideas have been surfacing lately that I want to share, albeit somewhat sloppily. The point I want to argue is that postmodernism hasn’t rejected Marx, and that Marxian ideas are ever still relevant today. [caption id=”attachment_5396″ align=”aligncenter” width=”399″ caption=”Who is Karl Marx in a p … Read More

via Utopia or Bust

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