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October 14, 2010

I have been thinking a long time about posting this. I as a canadian see hockey as something that is important to our identity. I never really followed hockey until fairly recently. My mother’s mother, my grandmother was very into hcokey. The one thing I can really remember her say when I think back is that you should support your local team. The other day I was watching the Maple Leafs vs the Ottawwa Senators and my mother said that my grand mother would be proud of me.

One of the things I think about alot is what makes canadians different from americans. it is not a secet that canada is really influenced by america, and is probably why they did not win a security council seat. i was thinking about how canada as the greatest canadian chose tommy douglas, because he introduced public health care. American would probably chose washington and or someone who was only good at winning wars. when you look at it you can really see the difference.

also. i am pallning to make a post on iggy soon, as well as a post on some blogs i would recommend.

at the same bat channel
on the same bat time,

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