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thoughts on the leafs

October 25, 2010

I have thought for a whie about including posts about hockey on this blog. one of the things i put in my tag line or whatever is the question was does it mean to be canadian or ontarian? I dont want to say that all Canadians like hockey, but it is one thing that unites different parts of the country, and what Ontario appreciates as well as Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia, which does not happen very often.

I have recently become a fan of hockey, and following in my grandmothers shoes, i am a fan of the toronto maple leafs, since they are the closest team to where I live. The experience of cheering the team makes me feel more Canadian, and it allows one to fit into society better by being able to discuss hockey. I recently ordered a hockey jersey of phil kessel, so I figured I would throw up some pictures.

I hope the Leafs can turn around their current loosing streak, but I have hope they will pull together and make the play offs. The Leafs need to juggle their lines a little to find out what can work day in and day out, but in spurts.

I think I will try throwing up a hockey post once a week, but I do not want this blog to become hockey focused, so I will be on the look out.

stay tuned

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