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maple leafs post

November 13, 2010

Alright, I am going to throw down a hockey post now. I will now post the two sites I will get most of my data from.

MacArthur Grabovski Kessel
Kadri Bozak Kulemin
Sjostrom Brent Versteeg
Orr Mitchell Brown
Kaberle Schenn
Beauchemin Komisarek
Aulie Lebda

The team played very well tonight and overall I would say the Kadri and Aulie call up was successful on both ends, despite losing the game. Kadri created chances at the goal, and will get better with a few more games under his belt. Keith Aulie was an excellent third line defencemen andI am looking forward to Dion Phaneuf gettings back in the line up and ditching Brett Ledba. If with Phaneuf;s return the defence is:

Kaberle Schenn
Beauchemin Phaneuf
Aulie Komisarek

I think the leafs will only have to worry about their offense. I think putting Kessel and MacArthur on the same fruitful because it takes off some pressure from Kessel and gives him a chance to get a gaol. The Grabovsky goal from tonight included a screen from Macarthur, which is one of the main elements the leafs are missing. THe second line of kadri bozak and kulemin I think was a good pair, as Bozak played well out of Kessel;s shadow, by not being hte rookie it gives hiim  some confidence he was missing on the first line. The third line played very well and had a goal with Sjostrom getting the first goal. With Armstrong and Phaneuf returning the leafs may have enough time to make a turn around to get them into the play offs. Their one goal should be ensuring that boston does not get another good draft pcik from the kessel deal.

I will post more later


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