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True Grit (2010) Review

January 8, 2011

I saw today the movie True Grit. Overall, as a cynical movie watchcer it was a good movie. i want to watch it against, but the characters did a good job i woud say. This movie satisfied me in the end. i came in expecting a bloody cowboy movie and when i saw the mkovie being narrated by some young girl i thought i got fooled.

in the end this movie had a good take on the western genre, with the best example being the way first nations or native americans are treated. they are not given their last words, like the other one gys hanged, and  one of the heros ofhe films just totaly psuhes them all around. it shows that as far as the american soical narritive, the natives were just forces to be conqured. My course on social history of cnada seems to be something that i can really appreciate, as i feel as the kind of thing i am into is described by this term.

anways, i will soon post something on an essay about hegel as well as more posts in the future so i can practise wat i preach.

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