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Obama and Mubarak

January 28, 2011

I have been reading lately about the on going events in North Africa, particularly in Egypt. The feelings going around in that region has shown that the current twenty-first century state is not all powerful; its various appendages and networks can be twisted against it. Ben Ali has fled Tunisia, and family members of his are being investigated in Canada

This paragraph will begin with a bit of an aside before I turn back to the current issue in Egypt. I very naively was a supporter of Barack Obama in 2008. I guess I could say that I drank the cool aide and was convinced that we actually could represent some left politics in the United States. I ended up being sorely mistaken, and its something I personally feel insulted about. I trusted him to live up to his word, and instead he lies and advances policies he campaigned against.

Today the Obama government along with VP Joe Biden announced their support for Mubarak instead of supporting the people’s rights to a democratic government. This is the exact kind of stabbing in the back that makes the US the most dangerous threat to many countries in the world. Their rhetoric is just a moral cover for the mass media that  will just repeat the govt lies.

It is clear that if radical change is going to come in the future, and it must, the only way forward is on the streets and in the crowds.

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