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hockey thoughts

October 20, 2011

As for the Maple Leafs vs the Winnepeg Jets

MY first thought has to be on the poor play of Mike Komisarek. Every time the leafs fuck up a play, sure enough Komsarek was on the ice. I thing the choice to bench him for the third period played a pretty important part inthe leafs being able to tie the game,

AS for my tohughts on Phil Kessel, thnk that he was greatly improved so far, but the real test is how you do over the season. Currently the Leafs have really lacked secondary scoring, but Grabovski at least had a slow start last year, and I think they are soon going to score, because Grabbo and Nikolai Kulemin are good hockey players who get to the dirty areas. IF you look up the bideo of Kulemin;s goals for last year, most of the time he is in the slot. I think Kulemin could get 30 again, and I thikn Kessel could hit 40.

As for goaltending, you have to hand it to James REimer for giving the LEafs a chance at wnning in every games he plays. He has the right attitude it seems. I just hope that Jonas Gustavson can do his job as a back up to win against Boston.

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